Featuring: Laurel Sherbert/ Reversible Skirts

I am proud to share a recent discovery of mine. I love beautiful clothes, as you all know, and I try to find the most attractive, yet affordable items so I can continue to build my wardrobe and continue to create new looks. 

I found a fabulous shop http://www.laurelsherbert.com/skirts that makes gorgeous reversible skirts! What’s better than that? To be able to buy one item and automatically double your wardrobe options? Well, I actually did find something better! The skirt I choose, the Ellary, also makes a fabulous strapless dress! 

Take a look at some styling ideas for the Ellary- I experimented with different tops and accessories to create these looks that will work with either the floral or the black side of the skirt.  

   And as if these 10 options ( 5 with floral and 5 with black ) were not enough I also found that the Ellary can be a really fun strapless dress!  
Here are some other reversible skirts featured now at http://www.laurelsherbert.com/skirts


Want  to see more ways to style skirts? Check out my last 6 posts ūüėČ 

Bye for now! 

Hope you feel inspired to find your own favorite skirt ( or skirts) from Laurel Sherbert and create your own fun, amazing looks!



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