“Love You Always Dress” from adornapparel.us 

This dress reminds me of a famous quote by Leonardo da Vinci : “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” The vibrant red color , strappy design in back , and slit in front all come together in this garment to make it easy to make a statement for any occasion. 



  I tend to want to add a lot of accessories and details to all my outfits , whether I am dressing up or down for an occasion, but not with this dress. This dress is outstanding on its own and I didn’t want anything to distract from that fact. 

However, I also wanted to be able to wear this to work , so I dressed it down with a denim jacket and added a warm colorful scarf for fun.  

I thought about some other ways to style it , if you want to be more covered up , or just change the vibe of the dress. These are just some ideas. If you decide you want to try this dress from adornapparel.us , I’m sure you come up with lots of ideas and enjoy wearing and styling such a special statement garment.  

And of course , this  dress is perfect just on it’s own , and makes me look forward to warmer weather ahead , in which I will just add a summer hat and sandals and enjoy the sunshine . 

Thanks for visiting the blog. Hope you feel inspired to have some fun with your wardrobe.   

Yours truly, 



Playing Dress-Up / Closet Shopping 

Kate Spade said it best.  

One of my favorite things to do, when I have the time , is to take honest inventory of my clothing and accessories -dresses, hats , scarves, gloves, everything. By taking honest inventory I mean trying on each and every item and looking in a two way mirror. You can easily do this by putting a portable full length mirror ( about $10.00 at Target ) in front of and facing your regular mirror with you standing in between , so you can see yourself perfectly back and front , the way other people do. I always have a huge giveaway box nearby – for clothes that no longer feel right, usually because they are colors or fabrics I wanted to try , but didn’t really work out for me. 

I have another box for clothes that I like but I don’t wear because they don’t fit right ; these can be salvaged by a tailor.  I also keep a basket for clothes I do love but are missing just the right coordinate pieces to go with. For that basket I also keep a little notebook so I can write down pieces to look for. 

The object of all of this is to have a closet full of clothes I can depend on, and to be able to put together outfits I love. 

I noticed recently , while doing this, that I own quite a few black and white dresses. I find them very versatile for dressing up or down , and I wear them in every season . This past week I paired one with pastel colors ,kept one simple with mostly black and gold accessories and toughened up one with little 

 dots with leather and leopard.  

The following adorable black and white dresses are available now on the following websites ( clockwise starting with middle) : poshgirl.com, rotita.com, chicwish.com, topshop.com, silkfred.com . 

 Of course , those of you that know me a little bit know I really do love lots of color. I found this dress at thredup.com. The brand is INCinternationalconcepts ( a Macy’s brand) and was new with tags for less than $20.00.  

Thredup has the following INC dresses available now ( as of 1-29-16/ 7:00pm ) .  

Closets , and wardrobes in general , fill a very emotional need , I think , because –  

And also –  

 Hope you enjoyed this post and hope it inspires you to have fun putting together some new looks of your own. 



My Colorful Week 

Hello Friends , 

Hope you have all had a great week. Recently I was putting together some outfits , having  pictures taken , and really having a hard time liking the way they came out . I couldn’t really figure out what exactly I didn’t like , until I realized they really weren’t very colorful and that’s why I didn’t really feel like they were my style. I love a lot of basic , neutral colored looks on other people but I guess I’m just not comfortable with out a little ( or a lot ) of color .  So anyway, I deleted a bunch of pictures , and ended up wearing my regular old cocktail dress/ fun accessory / kindergarten teacher type looks.  I’ll show too what I wore and some other ideas for styling these dresses or other similar dresses you may have. The four dresses all come from thredup.com and each one was less than $30.00.  I checked my thredUP app today and there were more than 50 designer cocktail and casual  dresses in every size range available. 

I love the way this dress from The Limited sparkles. I paired it with minty green but there are so many ways to style a basic gray dress I’m sure I’ll wear it again soon with a different color or pattern.  


 This Nine West dress is definitely one of my favorites and really doesn’t require a lot of accessories ( but of course I added a bunch ) and the necklace is from luluavenue.com. Check out my Instagram post on this dress for links to best luluave stylists.  


I love this Guess dress so much and especially love how it looks with this polka dot trench coat I found in several colors in the children’s department at Target. This dress is so fun and so easy to style. I love to mix stripes with bold , bright colors.  

This Topshop dress is so fun and versatile . I found it in June and wore it on it’s own with simple strappy sandals to a family event. I love the dress so much I decided to warm it up with black fur and booties for a winter outfit. The jewelry is from @d.alexander_collections ( Instagram and Facebook ) and you are welcome to use my code : JENNQ30 for 30% off your order.  

Thanks so much for checking out this post.  Hope you feel inspired to create some new looks of your own! 

Yours truly , 


About Last Week…

For those of you just stopping by , I am a mom of two, a kindergarten teacher, and I really love dressing up. Dresses and heels are my favorite things to wear , but last winter it was so cold and snowy I wore leggings , boots , and the heaviest sweaters and layers I could find way too often . I told myself I wouldn’t do that again, I would find a way to still wear dresses and heels and be warm ( and a little practical 😉) . 

Last week it was typical January weather for RI , temperatures in the 20 s – 40s , a little snow , and a lot of rain. I did manage to pull out 5 summer dresses and wear them. I can assure you , it did make me hate the winter just a little bit less . Maybe I even like the winter just a little bit now. Maybe. Most of these dresses were from thredup.com. If you are not familiar with thredup , and you have any interest at all in thrifted clothing and accessories you definitely want to check out their website. 

I was excited to receive this gorgeous necklace from jewelrybean.com / @jewelrybean – Instagram and thought it would go beautifully with so many outfits. It adds extraordinary sparkle to a cold, dark winter day .  

 I wore it on Monday and received so many compliments from teachers , students , and parents.  

   I also love the amazing mix of metals and stones in this necklace from @7charmingsisters / Instagram . It is called the ‘Boom Pow’ and you can see why!!!  


 I wore my classic statement pieces from Dennis Styles/ D.alexander Collections – FB and Instagram -while styling 2 favorite dresses for very cold days this past week.  
  I love the vintage inspired print of this dress from BonneChance Collections and once I received it I didn’t really want to wait  for a warm day to wear  it , so I styled it with as many cold weather accessories as I could find.  

The ‘Do Amazing Things ‘ necklace was a gift from a special friend and from Candy Court Boutique . 

Can we just take a moment to talk about this amazing bag from @bagavond ? It is the most beautiful shade of Tiffany Blue , trimmed in gold, actually fit everything I needed , and had enough compartments to keep it all organized. I loved using it on Friday and Saturday . It will certainly be in constant rotation from now on.  


It was a busy , cold , wet week and I was happy to end it at Angelica & Me Hair Salon in Johnston. Oh , wait a minute ! Wasn’t I also there in the middle of the week ? Of course I was. Love that place !  


 As I end this post , a reflection on style choices of the week , I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate today. 
Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I have reflected upon and taught about his legacy for as I’ve been teaching. Every individual strives for respect , dignity , self worth , and although those that have never had to fight for basic human rights may never understand, I am humbled by the way he fought for his beliefs and for unity through peaceful means .  

Thanks for visiting this post and allowing me to reflect a bit . 

Have a beautiful week, 


Styling Printed Pencil Skirts/ Collaboration With Egawmacoi 


This time of year , when it is usually cold and stormy in New England, and the days can be so dark and gloomy , I try to incorporate bright colors into my wardrobe as much as possible. I love the colorful pencil skirts from the brand Egawmacoi because they are so cheerful and also offer such versatility. They can all be worn season to season when adding different layers and accessories. Here is the Adine Midi Skirt:  
 It has a traditional pencil skirt fit. It sits at the waist and has a tailored , straight , narrow cut  for a close fit. The hem falls to just below the knee, and because of the way it hugs your curves , it exudes sexiness. 

My first instinct was to pair it with a high pointy heel or strappy sandal both of which are always a good idea to help you look taller, leaner, and more graceful. 

This particular print is such a statement in itself I choose some equally luxurious yet solid pieces to style it with.  

 I also thought it would be fun to wear it with denim and flats for an easy weekend look.  

Really , there are endless possibilities when styling this pure silk , beautifully designed skirt.  

   The Egawmacoi brand has many other prints available a at this time. 

* Important note about sizing : with pencil skirts in general , it they are too loose they will add extra volume to the mid-section and a too tight fit will make it hard to walk. Check measurements on the Egawmacoi web carefully.

Thanks so much for checking this out. Hope it was worthwhile for you.

Yours truly,