My Colorful Week 

Hello Friends , 

Hope you have all had a great week. Recently I was putting together some outfits , having  pictures taken , and really having a hard time liking the way they came out . I couldn’t really figure out what exactly I didn’t like , until I realized they really weren’t very colorful and that’s why I didn’t really feel like they were my style. I love a lot of basic , neutral colored looks on other people but I guess I’m just not comfortable with out a little ( or a lot ) of color .  So anyway, I deleted a bunch of pictures , and ended up wearing my regular old cocktail dress/ fun accessory / kindergarten teacher type looks.  I’ll show too what I wore and some other ideas for styling these dresses or other similar dresses you may have. The four dresses all come from and each one was less than $30.00.  I checked my thredUP app today and there were more than 50 designer cocktail and casual  dresses in every size range available. 

I love the way this dress from The Limited sparkles. I paired it with minty green but there are so many ways to style a basic gray dress I’m sure I’ll wear it again soon with a different color or pattern.  


 This Nine West dress is definitely one of my favorites and really doesn’t require a lot of accessories ( but of course I added a bunch ) and the necklace is from Check out my Instagram post on this dress for links to best luluave stylists.  


I love this Guess dress so much and especially love how it looks with this polka dot trench coat I found in several colors in the children’s department at Target. This dress is so fun and so easy to style. I love to mix stripes with bold , bright colors.  

This Topshop dress is so fun and versatile . I found it in June and wore it on it’s own with simple strappy sandals to a family event. I love the dress so much I decided to warm it up with black fur and booties for a winter outfit. The jewelry is from @d.alexander_collections ( Instagram and Facebook ) and you are welcome to use my code : JENNQ30 for 30% off your order.  

Thanks so much for checking out this post.  Hope you feel inspired to create some new looks of your own! 

Yours truly , 



28 thoughts on “My Colorful Week 

  1. Finally caught up on your blog posts!! Love them!! You have amazing and fun style… which I already knew. 😉 I especially love the posts about color and styling summer dresses for winter weather because as you know, we have both of these things in common! I don’t feel very fun or happy if I’m not wearing color! Keep up the informative blogging, gf! xoxo!

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  2. I think my fave is the polka dots and stripes! It was hard to choose though! Like I said, I’ve been on a neutral kick, but I love spicing things up with color! I think living in Kindergarten makes it easier to try things you wouldn’t normally try in other professions. Cheers to that!

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