Anatomy of My (Crazy) Outfit: The Story Behind the Style

  It all began one day back in the fall. I believe it was a Wednesday in October. I was exploring the items for sale on my thredUP app and came across these shoes.   

I knew I loved the shoes but I wasn’t sure exactly how I would style them. I’m used to dresses and heels as my standard attire. I do wear flats sometimes but couldn’t really picture these shoes going with any of my dresses. 

I did ask my oh – so – stylish friend over at @thereneberry for a suggestion once I received the shoes and was anxious to wear them. She is an expert at styling menswear inspired pieces and creates sophiscated outfits daily. She loved the shoes and suggested keeping the rest of the outfit basic , to really allow the shoes to stand out. She thought maybe black pants and a simple top. I did try that but then I looked over at another thredup purchase which just happened to catch my eye while putting the black pants back into my closet. My all time favorite Cache leopard dress. 

  I liked the way the brown patterns of the shoes and dress just seemed to contrast yet compliment each other.

I choose a blue long sleeve tee and denim vest to bring out the shades of blue in the shoes. I have a gazillion long sleeve tees from Target ( Merona and Mossimo lines) which I use to layer over and under sleeveless dresses throughout the year. The vest is from Burlingon Coat Factory ( juniors ) and less than $8.00. 

I wore the outfit for the first time back then , last November. 

 Although I don’t usually repeat complete outfits , I knew I would wear this again. It was super fun and comfortable and the shoes also came in handy for shoe-tying lessons for my kindergarten class. 

I knew the time had come to wear it again when I received this unique bracelet in the mail from @kayandstar ( Instagram ) . Trying to plan an outfit around one accessory reminded me of when I bought the shoes , which reminded me of this outfit and I loved the way the brown and ivory beads coordinate so nicely with both the leopard print and the brown houndstooth on the shoes. 

 The bracelet was designed especially for me to celebrate the #onelittleword collection. I love it so much and I appreciate the thoughtfulness and fine craftsmanship of all the Kay & Star pieces.
I also was excited to use this new handbag and loved the fact it had shades of brown and blue just like the shoes.  

 It’s actually a set of bags. There was a smaller version inside the larger bag. Both large and medium sized bags came with detachable straps. Local friends will understand when I explain I found them while thrifting in the old Ann&Hope building in Pawtucket , RI.  

Speaking of thrifting , I found the turquoise and silver necklace while thrifting on a different day in the old Almacs building in Silver Lake (my old neighborhood and workplace back in the day;). 

   That’s about all I have to say about this outfit for now. I’ll let you know if I think of anything else ( don’t worry – JK )!
Thanks for your time and attention, as always. Hope you feel inspired to plan a new outfit, try a new style of shoe , go thrifting , or maybe order your own Kay & Star #onelittleword custom bracelet.

Yours truly,




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