Glitter Lips | Review 

Last week I walked into Angelica & Me Hair Salon with normal make up and came out with super eye-catching Glitter Lips! 

 Glitter Lips are something that I’ve never really heard of before now. Susan Pellegrino, owner and hair stylist extraordinaire, over at Angelica & Me Hair Salon (Killingly Street , Johnston, RI) asked me if I wanted to try them when I was there for a quick blowout.  
Glitter Lips are a new non- toxic treatment available for only $5.00 an application. There are a wide range of colors to choose from. I tried the palest pink last Tuesday and a brighter golden shade on Saturday.

Of course , when I was at the salon with Susan again tonight, I just had to test out the bright pink Glitter Lips.

It takes about 5 minutes for Susan to apply and the best thing about this treatment is that it can last up to 8 hours!  You can eat and drink and there is no need for any touching up. I think this makes Glitter Lips the perfect thing for a special event or any day you just feel like you want to shine! 

To remove Glitter Lips it’s suggested to use an oil-based remover such as baby oil, but I found a simple make-up wipe did the trick just fine! 

Experimenting with make-up can be really fun and Glitter Lips feel like an extra special accessory which I will definitely look forward to wearing again. 

Have any of you tried this treatment before ? If not , would you ? I think you’ll love it 😉. 

Thanks so much , as always , for your time and attention. 

Yours truly, 




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