Too Good To Be True

You’re just too good to be true 

Can’t take my eyes off of you 

I knew you’d be like heaven to touch 

I wanna wear you so much 

At long last this dress arrived 

And I thank thredUP so much 

– slight variation of the Four Seasons’ hit “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”

However, my favorite version of the song is when the late Heath Ledger performs it in the movie classic: 10 Things I Hate About You.

Although my favorite part of the movie is the poem which the movie is named for.

But I digress … back to the dress I found on thredUP that I want to wear so much. 

I wore it in September to Nikayla and Patrick’s beautiful wedding. Nikayla is one of my favorite ( and most adorable ) cousins. She married a man who is not only as amazing as she is , but also her best friend and inspiration. They are each other’s ‘too good to be true’ dream come true.

Now, back to the dress. Can you believe it was from Express but I found it on for only $15.00? 

I also wore it on Christmas Eve. 

And I’m going to wear it tomorrow-

I wanted to make this a post about styling this dress ( or any simple black dress) for all four seasons ( which led me to the song by the Four Seasons 😉) 

 I didn’t wear it in the fall but I put together these options using

I looked on and found over 140 black Express dresses similar to this one, available in a variety of sizes, for $15-$20. 

Any of them would be a total steal NOT too good to be true! Here are just a few examples:

It’s always great to find a new piece of clothing or a new accessory and wear it for the very first time. 

I really love when I’ve had something for a while, like this dress, and suddenly a new season comes and I rediscover and restyle it so that it feels brand new again. 

Do you have favorite items that you find yourself constantly creating new ways to wear? 

Did you ever find a really great deal on something you really wanted that you thought was too good to be true but it wasn’t ? I hope so. 

Thank you so much for your time and attention. I really appreciate it. 

Hope you found this worthwhile and that you feel inspired.

Yours truly,



ps. thank you , Nikayla and Patrick, for sharing your wedding photos. I’m so proud of both of you. 


Blushing Too Much – Color Me Peach and Shimmer 

Color u peach and black

Color me takin’ aback…

U got the look ( U got the look)

A whole hour just 2 make up your face, baby…

Did I say an hour? My face is red, I stand corrected (I stand corrected) 

You’ve got the look…

U Got The Look


Ok , it’s not peach and black, but how about an outfit that is peach with lovely camel colored accessories that are super affordable as well as versatile? 

More about this outfit in a bit …

Did you ever try out a new blush and end up looking like this?

I promise that won’t happen when you try Too-Faced Perfect Flush Blush. It has been called the ‘little black dress’ of blushes and comes in three no-fail color palettes that take the guesswork out of creating a sweet romantic flush. In each baked, heart shaped blush there are 3 individual color swatches. The baking process plus the multiple colors create dimensional color to provide the look of younger, bright, healthy skin. It is vegan friendly, paraben free and great for all skin tones. I use Sparkling Bellini:

This is Candy Glow:

And this is Something About Berry:

They are all gorgeous and have just the right amount of shimmer. I have to say that although I was drawn to the cute packaging, it does a lot more than look pretty sitting on my vanity. It is long lasting and a little goes a long way.

Here’s a little guide for applying any blush: 

If you are not sure of your face shape take a quick test at

I promise, your results will be quite natural and glowing , more like 

rather than My Little Pony. 

Now, back to the not quite peach and black but definitely  peach and shimmery outfit I started to discuss-  

The dress is from Francesca’s but I found it on last summer. Belt is from Burlington Coat Factory and necklace is from Target. This is a total ‘look for less.’ The bag and sandals are available now at H&M as part of their H&M Loves Coachella line. 

I love the way Anne Hathaway and Rashida Jones wore similar sandals while working on movie sets. 

I also love the way stores like H&M, Target, Burlington Coat Factory, and provide us with on-trend clothes and accessories on a regular basis, making it easy to create and recreate fun looks all the time. 

Hope you are inspired to have some fun creating new looks of your own , either with clothes, accessories, or cosmetics. 


And one more thing- 

( just sayin) 

Thank you so very much.

Your time and attention is greatly appreciated, as always. 

Yours truly,





This is really the end. I promise. Just this last thought: 

Accessorize, She Said – Skater Skirts and Playful Tees (Style Inspiration)

They are the perfect combination of playful and sexy. That perfect statement tee shirt that feels like it’s made just for you and a skater skirt. Even better would be a fun tee from that makes you smile every time you put it on and a fabulous faux leather skater skirt. 

Check out the variety of tee shirts @whimsyfashionllc/ Instagram and when you choose your favorite,use my code: MTFSHIPFREE for free shipping. 

I found my BCBG skirt at but I will share some great versions that are currently available.
Center skirt: 

Clockwise, starting from top center: style,,,,

The flared mini ‘skater skirt’ has become a fashion staple , but is certainly not new. It’s name originates from the 80’s , when it was worn as a popular skating style. 

 It has certainly been seen in and outside of the skating rink for decades. 

The skater skirt is great for all body types because it adds curves to a straight figure and is also flattering and forgiving for a curvier frame. It also creates long legs due to its high waist and mini cut. 

I started accessorizing by adding pearls and a gold snake bracelet. They can be found at and you can save 30% by using my code: APRILSAVINGS.  

I put together five different looks using these fun staples. If you need any shopping information for any of items you see, let me know in the comments, and I’ll tell you exactly where they are from and if they are available now. 

I love being able to take favorite staples from my wardrobe and create different looks with them. What are your favorite pieces to style ? 

Sometimes I know I can get a little carried away and add a bit too much to a look, however, I do live by these words of wisdom from a true classic:

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post. 

Your time and attention is truly appreciated. 

I hope you feel inspired to create a new, fun look , buy a new tee shirt , or even just check out the latest anime. 

Yours truly,




And one last thought ( since we are talking bourbon, kind of) – 

Just Another ‘Manic Monday’ – Beating the Monday Blues 

“Music is what feelings sound like.”   Prince 

If there is one song that pops into my head on a weekly basis , setting my feelings to music , it is the 1986 hit ‘Manic Monday’ recorded by The Bangles, written by none other than the amazing Prince. He wrote it in 1984, using a pseudonym “Christopher” with the intention of giving it to Apollina6.  Later it became The Bangle’s first hit from their album Different Light. 

This is one , easy , foolproof way to avoid this : 

I know , I know , it’s not exactly earth- shattering or ground breaking advice , but plan out your outfit the night before. However , not just any outfit , make your Monday outfit something you feel your best in. For me , that would be bright colors or a wrap dress. Preferably a bright colored wrap dress like this Jessica Simpon dress I found at

 Hat: Eugenia Kim

Sandals: Macy’s

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Bag: MK Michael Straw Gabriella 

Bandana: asos

Rings: Lucky brand

Snake Bracelet: @d.alexandercollections/ Instagram 

Tory Burch bracelet: pre-owned from

Earrings: Kenda Scott from

Perfume: Jessica Simpson Fancy Love (my all time favorite) 

Blush: Too Faced perfect flush blush in Sparkling Bellini  ( I will give full review of this product in a few days) 

Another way to beat that ‘Manic Monday’ feeling is with “The Blissful Teacher” essential oil mist line created by Beth Wrobel. 

I tried the ‘Lesson Plan Luxury ‘ scent and love the uplifting, energizing feeling that came from the lemongrass. 

Beth has a full line of teacher inspired essential oil sprays using therapeutic grade essential oils. These homeopathic sprays are available in a variety of blends and can help with a variety of ailments. Trouble sleeping? Anxious? Joint or muscle pain? There is a spray for everyone, you don’t even have to be a teacher. Choose from lemongrass, lavender, clove, ginger, peppermint and more! 

The mists have the cutest names and would be perfect to give your favorite teacher for Teacher Appreciation Day or as a Thank You gift for a teacher friend who helps you out ALL the time ( thanks, guys, you know who you are 😉) . 

Find Beth and her products:

The Blissful Teacher / Facebook

@theblissfulteacherllc / Instagram

Hope your Monday and all the days to follow are not manic, bit more like another classic song, this one covered by Prince:

“Jump in, let’s go, lay down, enjoy the show”

From ‘Everyday is A Winding Road’

Thanks, friends, it goes without saying, life is short , enjoy the moments. 

Follow your heart. 

Appreciate those who are good to you. 

Yours truly,




Authenticity Over Everything-Dedication to Prince (1958-2016)

“Don’t worry about being good…Aspire to be authentic.” Yann Martel 

Prince is a bona fide example of this inspirational quote. 

Yes , he was one of the best – selling artists of all time, with major hits such as Purple Rain, When Doves Cry, and Kiss. Yes , he was a multidisciplinary genius:  writing, singing, playing , and all with visual artistry and charisma. 

What I will remember most about Prince and what will live on infinity is the way he ‘walked the walk’ and stayed true to himself in not just his lyrics , but his actions and lifestyle. 

He touched upon topics such as sex, politics, drug abuse, poverty, and violence in his music and was never afraid to speak openly to the public on any topic. 

We all remember how he stole the show at the Grammys in one unscripted moment. 

His infinite wisdom will go on as we remember his thoughts on human development- 

 On loss: 

 On time: 

 He had an extraordinary number of fashionable moments to remember. These are just a few – 

I find it difficult to come up with one favorite Prince song. It might be ‘I Would Die 4 U’ or ‘I Want To Be Your Lover.’ 

However , for as long as I can remember I’ve been in search of the perfect magenta colored hat , so maybe my favorite is ‘Raspberry Beret.’ 

I did find one, by Christian Louboutin, but somehow I don’t see myself purchasing it at $1,245.00. 

I did create an outfit tonight in honor of the ‘Prince of Everything’ – hopefully he would have approved. I think he would like the handbag the best. For sure he would like the fact that it’s just a bunch of things I love that I  put together for fun, for no other reason then to enjoy the moment and not really caring about whether it’s ‘in fashion’ or appropriate.  

That’s what I mostly remember about Prince and what will stay with me when I listen to his music. The emotions evoked come from an origin of pureness , creative authenticity. 

Thank you so much for your time and attention. It is truly appreciated. 

Hope you are inspired by the creative artistry of of Prince and that you will remember him fondly. 

Yours truly,




Stripes and Floral Prints-The Perfect Match

Two fabulous elements can be added together to form one super stylish outfit. Stripes and floral prints are the perfect match and can be a great look to try for this spring and summer. 

Patterns are most effectively combined when they are of different scales. For example, a fine striped dress or shirt looks best with a large scale floral accessory. It’s best to avoid having the patterns compete. Let one dominate. 

I found this Aqua brand dress on and paired it with a floral scarf from Target. The necklace is from @jewelrybean and the handbag is from @bagavond. They are both shops I found on Instagram.  

I love these looks from Tanya Taylor, Kate Spade, and Ralph Lauren.  The cool, bright colors combined with the flamboyancy of the prints inspired me to create more outfits using the polyvore app.

Here are a few for the ladies. All items are available online. If you are looking for one specific item, let me know in the comments and I’ll tell you exactly which site it can be found on.  

I love these looks which are new from Jcrew for this spring.  

I tried to put together a few for the gentlemen using the polyvore app. This is new for me, to create outfits for men, other than what I’ve put together for my own little guy.  

Here’s my attempt at pairing stripes and floral prints for men. Any feedback is welcome. Just don’t laugh too hard if I’m really off the mark with these.  

What do you think ? Are stripes and florals the perfect match ? Too crazy? Just the right amount of craziness ? 

Remember –  

So , don’t be afraid to try something new . Or maybe you are already an expert at print mixing and can give me some tips.

 As always , your time and attention is very much appreciated and so is all feedback. 

Hope you found this worthwhile and hope you feel inspired to create a new look or two for the upcoming months.

Yours truly,




Etheral Evening Vibe

Even if you are not on the boardwalk or sitting in a cafe by the beach in Greece, this is the perfect time of year to create a look with an Etheral vibe, especially for evening. 

When styled right , the maxi-dress, which is a go-to summer uniform for many,  can go from ho-hum to head-turning. 

 First of all, look for a silk or polyblend fabric, rather than cotton or jersey for evening. A flattering fit, embellished neckline and/or interesting accessories also keeps the entire outfit elevated to be so much more than the typical beach maxi dress we wear everyday around town. 

I found this Laundry by Shelli Segal dress for 70% off the retail price at thredUP recently and thought it would be perfect to add elegant accessories to for a special evening out.  

Sparkle headband is by, shoes by MK -Jennie Metallic Snake leather from and glasses are Linda Farrow from

 Metallic box clutch by, modern gold glitter lips phone case by casetify, and Chanel No.5 sample.

Esos mint lip balm, urban decay eye shadow, YSL eyeliner and lipstick, and perfect flush blush by Make-up brush set by

 Alex&Ani Women’s Impulse Beaded Bangle , Alex&Ani Swarovski Crystal Bangle, and Wrap sunset bracelet from 

I created a couple more versions of this look using the polyvore app. 

Dress is Tory Burch/, shoes are Christian Louboutin, pre-owned Alexander McQueen clutch from, pre-owned Chanel earrings from and Jane Iredale The Glimmers gift set mineral make up .  

 Dress is from House of Fraser, headband is by Jennifer Behr, metallic miniaudiere by Serpi, pre-owned Cartier bracelet, Henri Bendel Kitchen Sink Charm bracelet, and Charlotte Tilbury The Vintage Vamp gift set from Harrod’s. 

I love how these lovely ladies look so effortlessly elegant.

 Courtney Green, Amy Childs, and Natalie Portman are three examples of perfect styling of a maxi-dress for evening. They have luxurious fabrics, perfect fit, and tasteful, yet glamorous details. 

There are so many options for styling and opportunities to wear a comfortable maxi – dress in an elegant way for evening.

 I’m looking forward to the beautiful weather we are having to continue so I can wear this style and not feel like I need to add a jacket or a sweater – or a coat , for that matter ( since it was just snowing a couple of weeks ago, you never know) ! 

I’ll leave you with a helpful hint from the late, master of all things timeless and elegant – Oscar de la Renta :  

And a few more words of wisdom: 

Thank you !

As always , your time and attention is greatly appreciated. 

Hope you feel inspired to create a new look or just enjoy the lovely spring weather 😉 . 

Yours truly,




We Rock a Lot of Polka Dots 

When did America’s love affair with polka dots begin? I know I’m certainly not the first, nor will I be the last to be excited to put together an outfit such as this one involving an exuberant, chic, and whimsical polka dot print.  

  Dress is White House Black Market from Phone case is Lipstick is Be Legendary and lipgloss is Stila Stay All Day.


Necklace is from d.alexander collections, bracelet is from Holsbrook, and earrings are from Kendra Scott.


Miss Selfridge faux leather jacket is from John Lewis.

Shoes are Isaac Mizrahi New York and glasses are  Cutler and Gross from

 I found my magazine cover bag at a thrift shop in Pawtucket, RI ( the old Ann&Hope for locals) but these options can be found at


   Early Days for the Dots:

  • Miss America 1926 was photographed in a polka dot swimsuit 


  • Walt Disney created Minnie Mouse and her polka dot ensemble in 1928
  • Frank Sinatra released his hit Polka Dots and Moonbeams in 1940
  • Christian Dior designed his “New Look” collection including many dresses with polka dots in the 50’s. 
  • Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, and Lucille Ball were all seen again and again looking ravishing in polka dots in the 50’s and 60’s. Julia Roberts later donned dots in one of her first major roles.


  • Brian Holland released “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini”

Polka Dots are certainly not a ‘girl’ thing –

  • Marvel created Polka Dot Man, who used the power of polka dots to defeat baddies in 1962.  
  • Bob Dylan, Roger Sterling, and Joseph Gordon Levitt are only three examples of fabulous men’s styling of polka dots. 


  • Marc Jacobs is quoted as saying “There’s never a wrong time for a polka dot.” and invents his “Dotty Collection” Dot perfume.     

This modern yet nostalgic look is made from items on 

 Dress is Saint Laurent/ matchesfashion   

 Jacket is IRO Ashville/ intermixonline   

 Necklace is, earrings are Kate Spade, and bracelet is Dolce&Gabbana. 

 Bag is Papa Razzi Marilyn Clutch/ Shoes are Christian Louboutin So Kate 120/

In closing, I think it’s best to stick with the wise words of Marc Jacobs, because no matter how or why they became popular :  

 So , always remember –

Thanks , as always , for your time and attention. It’s always appreciated.

I hope this inspires you to wear, or at least appreciate, one of my favorites- the cheerful pattern known as polka dot. 

  Yours truly, 




    Night To Day Glitter-Instant Shine, Instant Style 

    Evening dressing is about fun and being fancy and seduction. Practicality is not required, or even desired. Whether you’re entertaining at home or going out on the town, it’s a time to dress up and play with colors, cuts, textures, and daring cuts. 

    Want to add ‘Wow’ factor to your next evening look or add a whole lot of sparkle to an otherwise ordinary day? A glittery cocktail dress is perfect for any time of day paired with pastels and silver for a subtle pop!  

      I found this Limited dress at Thredup regularly carries strapless cocktail dresses in all sizes and price ranges. The necklace is from The silver sparkle of the cocktail dress and brilliant jewels in the statement necklace complement each other and are versatile enough for either night or day. 

    For evening it’s easy to create a look of simple elegance with a strappy sandal such as this pair by Vince Camuto and a sparkly clutch like the Ombre Glitter Clutch from Sondra Roberts/ 

    The ‘Flirting’ phone case is from Chiara Ferragni and lipstick is The EstĂ©e Edit by EstĂ©e Lauder Mattified Lipstick. 

    If you have never tried the Starlight Bath Bomb you will be amazed. Crush this shimmering star into your bath water and you will have a calming, deep, beautiful turquoise shade and silver luster that will appear to be a shimmering trail of starlight. They are usually in stock at Sephora and can also be found at  

     We don’t have to save our glittery dresses for evening. I styled this for casual day time ( teacher) wear with a Who’s Who sweater and Just Cavalli bag from and these adorable shoes from Casual Vogue Zone009 (they are only $14.00!!!) . 

    Finish either look with sparkly earrings and make a night ( or day) of it. Enjoy every moment whether you are out on the town or reading a fairy tale to your favorite little friends. 

    Thank you for your time and attention. 

    I truly appreciate it and hope this was worthwhile. 

    Yours truly,




    Effortless Radiance For Any Spring Ocassion 

    I simply adore this Sophie Anderson Abril crocheted cotton clutch so much I used it as inspiration to create a go-to outfit for any spring type activity from brunch to shopping or even an afternoon wedding or graduation.  

      The dress is by Ivanka Trump. Her dresses are usually $128-$148 at Lord and Taylor but I found this one recently at Burlington Coat Factory for less than $40.00.   
     The clutch and Nicholas Kirkwood Bow-Detail patent leather pumps are from the and are available for more than 50% off retail prices.  


    The Pom keychain is from Guess and the phone case is Kate Spade available at  

     The Kenzie Necklace by Nichole is from luluavenue’s antique classic statement collection. It is the perfect combination of old meets new and it’s hard for words to describe the eye-catching sparkle that lights up the room whenever it’s worn. 
    There is also a gorgeous bracelet and earrings that complement the necklace.  

    Luluavenue jewelry can be purchased from @style_by_alana / Instagram or @Wheezie33 / twitter.

    This adorable Pineapple CosMessenger Bag is from T-Shirt&Jeans and available at a reduced price at There are quite a few unique bags available on that site. They are so affordable I kind of want to buy them all and create outfits for each one. No joke. I might.  

    Thanks so much for taking a peek  at my latest little colorful look. 

    I do wear bright hues a lot and I think they encourage me to stay optimistic and cheerful, which are always important traits for a mom and kindergarten teacher to have. 

    Hope you feel inspired to add some color and sparkle to your spring wardrobe.  

     As always , your time and attention is greatly appreciated.

    Yours truly,