Stripes and Floral Prints-The Perfect Match

Two fabulous elements can be added together to form one super stylish outfit. Stripes and floral prints are the perfect match and can be a great look to try for this spring and summer. 

Patterns are most effectively combined when they are of different scales. For example, a fine striped dress or shirt looks best with a large scale floral accessory. It’s best to avoid having the patterns compete. Let one dominate. 

I found this Aqua brand dress on and paired it with a floral scarf from Target. The necklace is from @jewelrybean and the handbag is from @bagavond. They are both shops I found on Instagram.  

I love these looks from Tanya Taylor, Kate Spade, and Ralph Lauren.  The cool, bright colors combined with the flamboyancy of the prints inspired me to create more outfits using the polyvore app.

Here are a few for the ladies. All items are available online. If you are looking for one specific item, let me know in the comments and I’ll tell you exactly which site it can be found on.  

I love these looks which are new from Jcrew for this spring.  

I tried to put together a few for the gentlemen using the polyvore app. This is new for me, to create outfits for men, other than what I’ve put together for my own little guy.  

Here’s my attempt at pairing stripes and floral prints for men. Any feedback is welcome. Just don’t laugh too hard if I’m really off the mark with these.  

What do you think ? Are stripes and florals the perfect match ? Too crazy? Just the right amount of craziness ? 

Remember –  

So , don’t be afraid to try something new . Or maybe you are already an expert at print mixing and can give me some tips.

 As always , your time and attention is very much appreciated and so is all feedback. 

Hope you found this worthwhile and hope you feel inspired to create a new look or two for the upcoming months.

Yours truly,





23 thoughts on “Stripes and Floral Prints-The Perfect Match

  1. I love pattern mixing! We were at Target tonight and I was trying to convince B to dive into the “mix”. He’s not quite there. I did however almost convince him to buy a shirt with camels embroidered on it… Hump Day shirt?!

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