Jealous Tomato & Raspberry Ripple – Lunch Break Post 🍅🍧 😊😋😉

She wore Raspberry Ripple Body Butter

The kind you find at 

And if it was warm…

It’s not warm so we certainly don’t have to worry about that. My two favorite things about my outfit today are my Jealous Tomato dress and the fact it matches my favorite body butter. 

Can you just never get enough ice-cream but want to avoid the excess calories ? 

This amazing body butter comes in two delicious fragrances. I love both the Raspberry Ripple and Strawberries and Cream butters. They smell as good as the real desserts they are named for and they do not irritate my skin at all. I do have sensitive skin and I am careful about which bath products I use. Some of the scented lotions I’ve found in drugstores smelled great but then left my skin itchy. These lotions did not so I even let my daughter use them. 

It is made by mad beauty, and of course , found at but I found mine at a local Sally’s Beauty Supply.

I found my Jealous Tomato dress at It was the first time I ever heard of the brand. 

However , I liked the dress so much, I did a little research. I found quite a lot of great items available by Jealous Tomato at ,,,,, and

I especially love all of these great styles. They are available at the Rack and I’m trying to decide what will be my next Jealous Tomato purchase. 

What do you think? Anyone want to join me in a little shopping adventure? 

Thanks, friends, for visiting my blog for this quick little lunchtime post. Hope it didn’t make you too hungry. 

( too cute not to include , since I mentioned the word tomato) 

I appreciate your time and attention so much. 

Hope you are inspired to wear ( or eat ) something fun and new. 

Yours truly,



Jealous of the Rain/ Labrinth 


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