Ten Little Things 

I’ve always loved this quote:

As I was sitting in the park today, with the sun shining, and seeing so many happy and healthy children playing and laughing, I was reminded of it. 

I thought , well, there are so many things to be grateful for right now , at this moment , I couldn’t even write a blog post about them , it would be too long. 

Then I thought I could if I limit it to ten. 

So, here goes, ten little things I’m grateful for , in no particular order: 

1. thredUP.com – website for used, high quality clothes for woman and kids , where I found this Gap brand dress for less than $20.00. 

2.This little sample of W.O.W. Wipe Out Wrinkles by ItWorks ,sent to me by the lovely @nicolecalifornia/ Instagram. It’s lightweight and feels great , smoothing out my face, just in time for pictures! 

3. Savers , where I found this denim jacket last summer for $6.00 ! Thank you, Jen Pierce, for taking me there and finding the jacket and making me try it on! If this was a list of 10 BIG things , you would be at the top – xoxo ! 

4. Our Public Library : We have a fabulous library in Johnston, Rhode Island. The children’s librarian, Meri Carney,is constantly providing fun, educational programs and events for all ages. 

Today was The Mohr Medieval Faire and we had a great time. Ms.Meri was certainly dressed appropriately ! 

There was so much to do and learn –

5. Libraries , in general , and the time to sit on a park bench and explore new books: 

6. Being able to simply ‘Hang Around.’

7. Del’s Lemonade Trucks everywhere you go in RI : 

8. Strawberry Season

9.No- Bake Recipes !

Although  I love to bake, sometimes I just want to assemble:

10. Gemini Season 😉 

Thanks , friends , for allowing me to share with you these ten little things I’m grateful for right now. 

Hope you find yourself inspired to: 

What little things are you appreciating today ? 

Yours truly,




21 thoughts on “Ten Little Things 

  1. I absolutely adore this! At some point I need to do something like this for my blog! So uplifting and sweet! Love that you have such a wonderful community too! And that dress! I remember it at GAP…almost purchased it at one point! The pattern and fit is so gorgeous! Especially on you 😘

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love the dress… I am headed over to that site to shop very soon!
    Secondly… YOU are a teacher?? I am a retired PreSchool teacher.
    Thirdly, there are lilacs in the background. I MISS MINE! I live in the desert now.
    and last… I enjoy how you give us tidbits of knowledge that we all need! Thank You!

    Liked by 1 person

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