Simply Styled 

It’s hard to believe this was a four day week and equally hard to believe we are already into the month of June! 

May seemed to come and go so quickly, but I have to say , it was probably my favorite month so far , fashionably speaking. I was able to plan out each day , and for the most part, the weather cooperated and I didn’t have to all of a sudden take out my snow boots ( like in April). 

This has been a busy time for me , both as a kindergarten teacher and a mom.

I’ve been busy making sure my students have the foundation they need for first grade and also rehearsing like crazy for our kindergarten graduation performance.

My own children have kept me busy as well. All of a sudden my daughter, Angelina seems to have turned into a little lady …

While my son is having anxiety about graduating kindergarten…

He literally has kept me up , trying to explain to me that he doesn’t know how he is going to find his way home once he learns to drive. I had to make him a map one night just to get him to go to sleep. 

This week I didn’t plan out my outfits like I usually do. I knew I was going to wear the ‘Darcie’ dress on Tuesday, and blogged about it ( my last post- Sunshine and Sorbet) but that’s it. 

On Wednesday we had our field trip to the zoo and I last minute decided to wear a casual dress and denim vest.

On Thursday I tucked a Jessica Simpson dress I found at into a Target skirt. The accessories are from Kohl’s. 

Today was National Donut (doughnut?) Day and sadly , I was dressed and had already posted before I knew.

 Why is that sad ? Because I actually have a dress with little donuts on it. It’s ok, I’m over that and I’ve moved on. And I ended up with an actual donut. 

So, as you can see, it all worked out. 

I usually jump right in the shower after work and put on pj’s. I know, you can’t stand the excitement. 

However , today I decided to actually put on regular clothes since I kind of rushed home. I was so tired I didn’t do my usual ‘after work on Friday’ errands.

I was thinking “Luckily, there are only 12 more days of school” ! 

Anyway , it was pretty early , so I decided to put on an actual outfit instead of pajamas but kept it quite simple – 

This outfit was almost completely thrifted, only the shoes were a splurge for  a friend’s wedding. 

Sometimes simple is best. 

Have a beautiful weekend !

Thanks for taking time to check out this post. Your time and attention is always appreciated! 

Yours truly,




19 thoughts on “Simply Styled 

  1. Fabulous Fashionista! I know what you are going through right now… Busy! Busy!Busy!
    I use to be in charge of 3 different Preschool graduations… And had a young son worried about taking French classes in middle school when he was 5 years old.
    Hang in there… only a few more days left! And you will look marvelous on each and every day!

    Liked by 1 person

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